Book Review: Magic Lost, Trouble Found (Raine Benares #1) by Lisa Shearin


Magic Lost Trouble Found

My search for a kick-ass heroine came to an end with this book. Raine (the protagonist) has a sense of humour, skills, intelligence, and a knack for attracting trouble. Raine is from the most infamous pirate family but walks on the right side of the law, as a seeker. That doesn’t mean she dislikes her family. She loves them, just prefers a different line of work. She does not have much power, but she is good at her job, and possesses just  enough magic for parlour tricks in case she has to save her neck. She also has a conscience and the brains, whines only when it is called for, has a smart mouth and is proud of her shady heritage. In short, with this heroine, the author has the makings of a good story.

Magic Lost Trouble Found is the first book in the series and does suffer lightly from the first-in-the-series-syndrome. But when I came across the author’s tight grasp on the narrative, I was willing to overlook  the few instances in the novel where the story went too slow.

The novel begins with Raine trying to help her friend and employee Quentin. Raine’s good deed is punished, and the level of consequences is nearly impossible to comprehend. She gets stuck in a bad situation which rapidly takes a turn for the worst. Unfortunately, Piaras (a teenage boy who is like a brother to Raine) is dragged into the mess as well. While Raine is being chased because she has a powerful object in her possession, Piaras is a lure to everyone due to his exceptional magical abilities. Raine has to save herself and her brother from evil clutches of  Sarad Nukpana (an evil goblin with lust for more power) and others like him.

The story seems predictable, it isn’t. It is set in a fantastical world of magic, elves, goblins and humans. It also has a number of interesting secondary characters. Inherent is a definite possibility of  romance yet to bloom. But the romance takes a back seat to action, adventure and suspense. The romance could be a love triangle, but at this point of time, since the romance angle seems diminished, I am willing to overlook my dislike for a three-way romance.

Initially slow, the story picks up pace as it progresses. It has good action, amusing interactions, and teeth biting suspense. Though it has received mixed reviews, if you persist , your patience is rewarded.

The novel ends with one problem solved, and another on its way. But it is not a cliffhanger. Still, I was impatient to get my hands on the second book in the series. I found this novel a really, really good read.


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