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Betting On The Wrong Brother (What Happens in Vegas #12) by Cathryn Fox

4 gems

betting on the wrong brother

I love the whole falling for the brother’s best friend trope. And Betting on the Wrong Brother is kinda like that with a twist.

When Andi Palmer imagined running into her childhood crush, Nolan Wheeler, the man who crushed her heart and humiliated her, she did not think she would be half-naked in the hotel elevator. And she definitely didn’t think that he wouldn’t recognize her or that he’d give her a false name. Except, the man’s not Nolan and Andi doesn’t know that.

Ryan Grayson did not expect to meet a devil in an angel’s body, half-naked in the hotel elevator. But that’s exactly what happens. Any woman who seduces him without trying, and then drags him to the male model contest, to participate, has to be a devil, right? Andi with her sharp tongue and quick wit, captures his attention and he can’t stay away. When Ryan realizes that Andi mistakes him for his brother, he is unable to tell her the truth.

Andi’s plan for revenge goes awry when she sees the genuinely good guy Ryan is. He understands her like no one else , he gets her. And he is far from the heartless man who broke her heart. If anything, he’s the complete opposite. But when the truth comes out, Andi just might not forgive him.

Ryan is a successful horror writer and a dyslexic. I loved the way Ms. Fox treated the issue. She didn’t belittle it, but she did not make it into a paralyzing disability either. Ryan learns to get over his shortcomings. He is also an absolutely adorable, sexy and swoon-worthy man. He treats Andi like a princess, even when he knows that she thinks he is Nolan. But Andi sees him too. Despite the past, she comes to learn that the man she sees in front of her his way different from the cocky teenager who broke her heart.

Betting on the Wrong Brother was such a fun and flirty read. You’ll absolutely fall in love with the characters. The author also gave little insights into the nuances of an author’s life, which I loved. This is the second book that I’ve read in the What Happens in Vegasseries, and so far I loved them both. I can’t wait to delve into the rest of the series.

This review first appeared in The Ever Romantic Arts. 


Book Review: Witness to Passion (Guarding Her Body #1) by Naima Simone

4 gems

witness to passion

Fallon Wayland hates birthdays. After all nothing good has happened to her on any of her birthdays. On her tenth birthday her dad stood her up because he was on a business trip, on her fifteenth birthday, her mom took her puppy to the pound and on her eighteenth birthday she kissed her childhood crush and got rejected. If you think all this was bad till you hear what happened on her twenty-fifth birthday. She gets dumped by her boyfriend on twitter, witnesses a mob hit and gets fired from her job. And now her life is all turned around.

Shane Roarke has avoided his baby sister’s best friend, Fallon for the past seven years after sharing a hot as hell kiss with her. But now that Fallon’s life is in danger, he can’t stay away. I doesn’t matter if just seeing Fallon turns him on. Her life is more important than his need to stay away.

With Fallon’s life endangered at very turn, Shane takes it upon himself to keep her safe. With both of them cooped up in a safe house, desires flare, clothes come off and hearts are at risk. Even when the clothes are flying off, danger is creeping in. Fallon and Shane need to survive if they must have a chance at love.

Fallon and Shane have a love-hate relationship, more hate than love. Being rejected does not sit well with Fallon after all. After avoiding her for almost eight years, when Shane shows up at her doorstep ready to be her knight in shining armor, she is skeptical.

“If you were truly ‘here for me,’ you would have a Kahlua in one hand and Henry Cavill’s number in the other. Since I’m not having drunken phone sex with Superman, there must be another reason you’re darkening my living room.”

Their banter is what made me love Fallon and Shane. Their back and forth was fun and oozing chemistry.  Both came from similar emotional backgrounds. While Fallon’s parents had money and never love to give her, Shane’s mom had loads of love, but was reckless and self-involved. They never tried to see the people behind the masks, and now that they do, they might not survive long enough to act on it.

The suspense in this book was good. I figured out who the traitor was once a couple of hints were dropped, but otherwise this book was majorly unpredictable. The characters were strong, the sex was hot and Addy, Shane’s sister and Fallon’s best was friend was super fun.

Witness to Passion was a good blend of romance and suspense. The action in the book kept me on my toes, and the author did not disappoint.

This review first appeared on The Ever Romantic Arts.

Book Review: Wilde at Heart (Wilde Security #3) by Tonya Burrows

4.5 gems

wilde at heart

I was so happy to receive an early copy of this book, ’cause since the day I finished Wilde for Her,  I was looking forward to Reece and Shelby’s story. And Tonya Burrows didn’t disappoint.Wilde at Heart was by far my favorite book in the series.

Though Cam and Jude were the most fun Wilde brothers and they are, except, Reece is better. He is adorable, sweet and sexy as hell. Reece and Shelby together were amazing together. Tonya Burrows had me laughing from the very first page. And considering that the heroine was Shelby, this book was guaranteed fun.

Shelby as usual spoke her mind and was fun as always. She is an independent young woman who knew her strengths and weakness. People never gave her a chance to be anything other than the flighty, reckless girl that she was. She tried so hard to be the responsible adult, but people’s views including that of her sister Eva and the Wilde brothers, including to some extent Reece, never changed.

While I loved Eva for the kick-ass woman that she was in Wilde For Her, I strongly disliked her in this book. She never really understood Shelby and she didn’t try to. She was always the first one to point out Shelby’s shortcomings and reprimand her. She was also the very last person to believe Shelby could make a sane, responsible decision. True Shelby was impulsive, but even behind her impulse she had good reason.

While I loved Reece for the kind-hearted, geeky nerd that he was, I was sometimes disappointed with him for his behavior with Shelby. He too never saw behind the mask of Shelby’s impulsiveness. He tried to change her from what she is to what he thinks she should be. But on the other hand he also didn’t want Shelby to change. His complexity and duality made for an intriguing read.

This book was suspenseful, fun and mostly unpredictable. There were two tracks working parallel in the story- one was Reece’s blackmail and the other was Shelby’s. While it was easy enough to guess who had a bone to grind with Reece, I honestly couldn’t predict who the villain in Shelby’s life was till the end. The sex as usual in Tonya Burrows style was hot has hell. Burrows has made sure to pave a footpath for both Vaughn and Greer Wilde. Tonya Burrows made sure to throw us crumbs about the upcoming books. I can already feel the fun and intensity in Lark and Vaughn’s book.

The surprise element in this book for me was Reece. In the previous books he came across as uptight and snobbish. But in this book Reece truly shined. He was just a lot more shy and reserved than his brothers. Trying to shoulder the weight of his brothers took a toll on him. Shelby was the perfect woman for him. She brought out the fun, geeky, artistic guy that he was. But what really threw me was the fact that Reece was a virgin!! I NEVER and I mean NEVER expected that. Thank you Ms. Burrows for surprising me!

Wilde at Heart truly encompassed what both Reece and Shelby were, and they were incredibly wild. This book is undoubtedly my favorite book in the series. Can’t wait for Vaughn and Greer’s story to come out.

This review first appeared on The Ever Romantic Arts.

Book Review: Rock Hard(Rock Kiss #2) by Nalini Singh

4 gems

rock hard

I’ve been looking forward to Charlie and T-Rex’s story since I read Rock Addiction. We already got a hint as to how Charlie and Gabriel’s relationship would be in that book. And boy, oh boy did I love it? Heck yeah. Rock Hard is my favorite book in the series. Rock Hard tells the story of a sweet, shy and invisible mouse, Charlotte Baird and a hot, strong, T-Rex of a man, Gabriel Bishop.

Charlie’s previous relationship was an abusive one. And she didn’t get out unscathed. Since her relationship with Richard ended, she has been living in a perpetual state of fear and apprehension, still plagued by the nightmares of that horrendous relationship. She was never an outgoing person to begin with, but after what Richard did to her, she just closed in on herself. The only person who knows who Charlotte really is, is her best friend Molly. But when her new boss, Gabriel Bishop pushes her far enough, she realises that she too has the strength to fight back.

Gabriel Bishop is a successful business man, and he was a successful rugby player. His kind of success doesn’t come without a lot of determination and a spine of steel. The man knows what he wants and how to get it. When he meets a closed off, shy, buttoned up Charlotte, he is tempted to break down her walls and reveal the beautiful woman beneath.

Now Gabriel Bishop is the kind of alpha male that I love. He never pushed too hard, just hard enough. I loved the way he coaxed Charlie out from her shell. It takes her a while, but she comes out on the other side, stronger. Gabriel always knew that Charlie was hiding a painful past, but he never coddled her. He never tried to patronized her. He treated her as his equal, like the strong woman that he knew she was.

Charlie has never been one to pick up a fight, but her boss drives her to almost committing murder. His murder. She just can’t understand why the man keeps pushing all her buttons, and she definitely can’t understand why he is so interested in her. After all T-Rex is a rugby god, a superstar with hoards of female fans, a successful businessman and hot to boot. So what does he see in a mouse like Charlie? The answer was quite simple. Gabriel saw beneath the protective layers of her. He saw the smart, sexy, talented yet vulnerable woman. And all he wanted was to protect her and have her. To call her his.

Unlike Rock Addiction, Rock Hard did not have a sex scene in every second chapter. I enjoyed the way Gabriel peeled off Charlie’s layers and showed us the woman beneath. It’s only when they both had established unwavering trust in each other, that they decided to consummate their relationship. It was a nice change of pace. The minimal sex scenes and abundance of emotions worked very well for me. Another thing I loved in this book was the smartly crafted, funny titles for all the chapter. Those itself were enough to bring a smile to my face.

Rock Hard was the prefect mix of good, strong characters, well-put together story-line and great writing. I look forward to going back to the boys of The Schoolboy Choir.

This review also appears on The Ever Romantic Arts.

Book Review: City in Embers (Collectors #1) by Stacey Marie Brown

4.5 gems

city in embers

One thing I’ve learned about Stacey Marie Brown? She never disappoints. I loved her Darkness series and now I’m in love with the Collector series too.

If you’ve read the Darkness series, you’ll know that City in Embers takes place right before and after the Electrical Storm caused at the end of Darkness of Light.

Zoey Daniels has been tossed around from one foster home to the other for most of her life. And she has seen some unimaginable horrors that no girl should. She was used to having no home and no family, but all that changes when she is put in the same foster home as Lexi, a crippled, wheelchair bound girl. Zoey finds a sister and best friend in Lexi. Lexi is what inspires her to turn her life around and make something of herself. Soon after high school, Zoey is recruited by a super secret government agency called Department of Molecular Genetics (DMG).

Zoey is a powerful Seer, a person gifted with the Sight. She can see the true form of the fae, she can see behind the disguise they put for the sake of the humans. She is a collector for DMG. What does it mean you ask! She apprehends fae and takes them back to the lab so that they could be researched, tested, and used to save human lives. She has no sympathy whatsoever for any of the fae. She has been taught that they are monstrous beats and are to be despised. It is here that she meets the love of her life, Daniel. Another reason to become a better person and live a better life.

But when the Electrical Storm hits Seattle, her life is completely tossed around. She lost the only people she cared about. I didn’t much care about Daniel’s death as he wasn’t the guy for Zoey. She was a complex girl with hidden dark tendencies. She only presented to Daniel the kind of woman he wanted to see. He never would have been able to accept Zoey exactly as she is. I was sad about Lexie’s death though. She was a free-spirited, fun girl. Despite her disability, she tried to live her life to the fullest. And for a 12-year-old she really had a dirty mouth on her.

The devastation that hits Seattle, completely turns her life around, as Zoey finds herself joined at the hip with a Wanderer, Ryker and a monkey-sprite, Sprig. With Ryker comes a hoard of other problems. What ensues a hate-hate and then a love-hate relationship between Ryker and Zoey and an uneasy, awkward acquaintance. Now that Zoey is on the other end of the knife, with the hunter becoming the hunted, Zoey has to run from not only the DMG but also from the men out to hurt Ryker.

Zoey was a strong woman. She was dealt too many bad hands, but she came out a survivor through it all. It is hard not to respect her and even admire her. Every time she fell, she got back up and fought back.

Right now, while writing this review and listening to music, it suddenly hit me that these few lines from Katy Perry’s Roar explains who and what Zoey is perfectly.:

You held me down, but I got up (HEY!)
Already brushing off the dust
You hear my voice, you hear that sound
Like thunder gonna shake the ground
You held me down, but I got up (HEY!)
Get ready ’cause I’ve had enough
I see it all, I see it now

I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire
‘Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar
Louder, louder than a lion

Another favorite character was Sprig, the monkey-sprite. He was just so adorable. He provided the much-needed respite from all the sadness and heavy-duty stuff going on in the book. I think he was also the reason why Zoey and Ryker didn’t kill each other. Sprig and his love for honey was just plain adorable. And for some unexplainable reason he knew a lot about blue balls. Makes you wonder. Huhh!

Ryker. What should I say about Ryker? Well he certainly was a big pain in the behind, but he grows on you. He treated Zoey like dirt calling her human, as if that was an insult. To him it was. But that’s okay. Soon he gets his head out of his lovely tush, at least halfway out. Once you find out more about his past who understand why he is the way he is. Ryker, like Zoey, is a complex character and Stacey has a knack for writing complex characters. Her characters are never easy. They are never black and white. They are always, always complex and with shades of grey. And why shouldn’t they be, real life can be a bitch and people are not always about rainbows and unicorns. She has proved this point all through City in Embers. The dichotomy of life is there for you to see. The ugly truth is staring you in the face and you can’t walk away from it. In fact, in this book you see more of the ugly side of life than the pretty one.

The action, the buildup, the emotions, the characters. Nothing about this book was a disappointment or predictable. At no point in the book could I guess the turn of events. Stacey reels you in through her masterful storytelling. Her world building is perfect. She doesn’t dump info on you and neither does she give you too little. With her kind of writing, it’s hard to keep the book down. In fact as soon as I finished it, I wanted the second book right then. If you haven’t read it, go read it. You won’t be disappointed.

I also enjoyed enjoyed the bonus material on West, a fellow Dark Dweller from the Darkness series. It was just a small sneak-peek and I’m looking forward to more of West’s story.

Book Review: Wild Hyacinthe by Nola Sarina & Emily Faith

3 gems

wild hyacinth

Asher Chain is a ridiculously handsome businessman who has no shortage of women. But he is also an incubus, which means he tempts and seduces any woman who comes his way whether he wants it or not. The death of the women he kills is inevitable. Asher lives with the guilt of the women he killed, in order to survive himself. When he meets the tattooed, girl with blue-streaked hair, he wants nothing more than to befriend her and no matter however much he wishes to make her his, he keeps his distance and keeps her alive.

Aria Hyacinthe left her home and the demons that plagued her home back in the past. But her terrors don’t stay contained in the past. Living in a car and working as a waitress has attracted the attention the gorgeous Asher, a man she dared not dream about. Aria never thought, she’ll ever have anything to do with a man like Asher, but since the moment she meets him, she can’t stop thinking about him.

After an accident, Asher offers Aria a safe haven. At his loft. Asher is adamant to keep his distance, lest he be the death of her. Whereas Aria finds it rather difficult to curb her desire and attraction towards Asher. And living in close proximity to him, only amplifies that attraction.

Asher’s sister, Gypsy was a rather cold and distant woman, but when it came to her brother, she was protective, caring and loving. In quite a few places you find that she is unable to understand Asher, but no matter what, she is always there for him and loves him more than anything in the world.

Overall, Wild Hyacinthe is a good book, but fairly predictable. You figure pretty early on what is going to happen. Well, at least I did. There is also this constant talk of sex, which after a point of time just irritated me. Aria kept trying to convince Asher to have sex with her, and , Asher constantly tried to say no. This goes on and on for a few chapters. Finally when Asher and Aria find out the truth about themselves and each other, they manage to hold on and get to their HEA.

Nola Sarina and Emily Faith have come up with an intriguing story, one that hooks you from the very beginning. It’s humorous and fun to read. But despite it all, the book is fairly predictable and sometimes even gets on your nerves with all the hullabaloo about sex. An overall decent read, but I feel, it could have been better.

Book Review: Married For Christmas (Willow Park #1) by Noelle Adams

2.5 gems

married for christmas

Married for Christmas  is a story with some of the most tried and tested formulas. The lead couple, Daniel and Jessica are best friends turned husband-wife; Jessica loves Daniel but he is still hung up on his dead wife; Daniel loves Jessica, but is scared to admit it, because obviously anytime he starts to feel happy the Gods in Heaven start conspiring against him; then there is Jessica who believes she doesn’t need love from her  husband as long as they are the best of friends. Yeah right! I don’t know who she’s kidding.

The reason I downloaded and read this book was: it was free on Kobo, it has a pretty cover and it was quite a short book. Married for Christmas did make me teary-eyed at some places, but for the most part, I found it to be quite meh! I didn’t feel the chemistry between the main couple and I just couldn’t for whatever reason see them together.

Jessica is a web developer and mostly a loner. The only family she has is her sick mother, who has been diagnosed with Alzheimers. Her mother usually has more bad days than good, but the days she is lucid are the days Jessica loves the most. Her friends include her college roommate and long time best friend Kim, and Daniel, a guy she has known since they were kids. She only became close friends with him after the death of his wife.

The only thing Jessica wants in life more than anything is a family, to put down roots and have a home. Jess is tired of waiting for the right guy to come her way and sweep her off her feet. She is resigned to the fact that there is no right guy for her, that there won’t be a knight in shining armor coming her way anytime soon.

“There’s no sign of some mythical ‘right guy’ who’s going to appear out of nowhere to sweep me away, and I’m not going to put my life on hold hoping and praying he’ll appear. I told you I don’t want to live in waiting anymore.”

So in order to get what she wants, she comes up with a plan. Daniel needs a wife so that he can become the pastor of the Willow Park church and Jessica needs a husband so that she can have the family she has always dreamed of. Jessica decides that marrying Daniel is the perfect solution since they are both very good friends, close to each other and understand each other. Even though Jessica knows that he probably will never love her, she is willing to marry him.

Daniel hasn’t been interested in dating since he lost his wife to a tragedy two years ago. Even though he is a moral and honorable man, he also is the kind of guy who believes that love can only happen once, that there can only be one destined life partner, and for him that was his late wife Lila. The best way to describe Daniel is the way his brother Micah does:

“If he has something stuck in his head, he can’t let it go.”

“It’s more than stubborn.” … “I mean the way he gets something in his head about the way things are supposed to be and then refuses to change his mind, no matter what.”

Even after two years, he is still in mourning. He tries to be a good husband to Jessica, but he always falls short. There are a few instances, where Daniel shows a few bursts of sweetness, but then he screws it up again. While it was pretty clear to me that Jessica loved her husband, nothing Daniel did showed the same. One moment he would be really nice to her, and in the next moment he would pull away. Daniel was too busy in his own world, mourning for his dead wife and working his new job as the pastor of the Willow Park Church that he didn’t have time for his wife. I honestly thought Jessica got the bitter end of their arrangement.

To me, Daniel came across as indifferent. I thought he didn’t much care about what Jessica did. She was more like a trophy wife to him than anything else. In Jessica’s own words, she was more lonely after marriage than before.

“Looks like it’s just us this evening,” Jessica said to Bear, trying to distract herself from the strange feeling. “What should we do?” She felt kind of lonely and heavy, like she wanted to mope.

It was stupid, but she’d never imagined she would be lonely after she got married.

While it was quite clear that Jessica was putting a lot of effort into making their marriage work, Daniel was just apathetic. Their chemistry was pretty non-existent and I just didn’t like them together. Jessica deserved a much better guy in my opinion. A guy who was actually willing to work with her to make their relationship work rather than just promising things but not delivering on them.

All that said, there were some good things about Daniel too. The way he took care of her when her mother was sick was really sweet. He never went away when she was clearly trying to push him away. Also there were times when he actually wanted to know what she was thinking about or what she was feeling. But unfortunately those times were overpowered by all the times Daniel was pushing her away and being a jerk.

Married For Christmas is far from perfect, but there were little things here and there that I enjoyed. Jessica is a self-sufficient woman who just wants to be loved and to love, but Daniel was disappointing in the loving area. Their barely there chemistry and Daniel’s offhand behavior failed to impress me. The only reason I got teary-eyed was because reading about Jessica’s obvious attempts to not ask her husband for anything more than he said he can give her, touched me. Also Daniel’s behavior was far from consequential.

After reading the book, what I truly felt was that Jessica had more of a family in her pet dog Bear, rather than her husband. She quite obviously loved Bear, but Daniel initially came across as condescending towards Bear. He would slyly pet the dog or give her food, even made her a dog bed as a Christmas present, but outwardly he presented a scornful stance towards Bear.

This book also had a lot of religious tones. Daniel obviously was religious considering he was a pastor, but he never practiced what he preached as Jessica often reminds him. Jessica too was a religious person who did not believe in sex before marriage. There is a constant reference to the church, sermons, the activities of the Church. God and what He wants and what He has decided also plays a crucial role in the book. I’m not usually a fan of books that lean towards religion. Though the religiousness in this book wasn’t overpowering, it felt patronizing at times.

Overall just an okay book with unremarkable characters who failed to make an impression. On one hand I am hesitant to pick up another book by the author, but on the other hand I’m willing to try reading more of her works to know if they are any better. There were no characters in this book that stood out to me and that is always a minus in my book. Hopefully the next book I pick will yield better results.

Book Review: Love on the Boardwalk by Christi Barth

3.5 gems

love the boardwalk

***I was provided an e-ARC by the author in exchange for an honest review.***

Summing up this book in one word is quite easy. Sweet. Love on a Boardwalk  was a sweet, light-hearted and fun read that left me feeling all happy and gooey. There was no unnecessary drama whatsoever in this book and that just endeared it me more. Not to mention Trina Trimble. For me Trina was the essence and the center of this book. It is so so hard not to love her. She is the kind of person who you look at and start smiling for no reason. She is the kind of person who makes you happy and good about yourself. An independent, and self-sufficient woman, Trina was the best part of this book for me. She can easily crack you up and show you a gala time. A true happy-go-luck chica. She lives life king-size with no regrets.

“I try things and fail at them all the time. It’s called living with no regrets.”

Trina flits from career to career. She changes careers as frequently as women change shoes. She has done it all from being a dog walker to being a shoe designer. And she’s loved every moment of it. Currently she is a private-eye in training. And of course she’s having the time of her life here too chasing bad guys and donning different disguises. While working undercover in a strip club, Trina runs into the-hottie-who-could-have-a-been-a-summer-fling, Brad Hudson. Brad is celebrating his “un-honeymoon” with some cold bears and fake boobs. What else is a man supposed to do when his fiancee has dumped him for a JOB. Though even the bountiful breasts and asses hanging out of their underwear are not enough to get Brad out of his funk. But in walk a exuberant girl with a 1000 watt smile, a girl he actually knows, Brad’d mood soars. What ensues is a whole lot of fun.

The book never gets too serious. Ever. It’s all fun and games. There are a couple of conversations that are serious in nature, but Trina makes it a lot of fun. Trina is a very intuitive and observant woman. She easily picks up on Brad’s mood and cajoles him into talking his heart out. Brad on his part too, being the great cop that he is, knows how to wheedle her secrets. Their chemistry is good and with the entry of their friends Cooper and Darcy, things get a lot more fun. There is a conversation between Bradley and Cooper (oohh Bradley Cooper) that I very much enjoyed. Cooper tells Brad outright, that he should get over his ex and that the blame at least part of it, of his failed relationship lies with Brad too. Brad does try to keep that in mind and looks back at everything he did wrong, and everything he wants to do right, now, with Trina.

Brad does get a bit patronizing with Trina, but largely he supports her and understands her and even helps her. Trina on her part doe get pissed off at Brad, but the next day she comes back with a big smile on her face. I love the way Brad describes Trina:

“You take ordinary things and turn them rainbow bright. It’s what makes you so special.”

I also loved how easily Brad could pick up on Trina’s insecurities and help her get rid of them, not just with her career, but her relationships too. Trina is a bit insecure about her looks. She believes that she is just a rebound fling for Brad. The way Brad just tells her it’s not so is beautiful.

“I’ve been thinking about what this would be like, too. Ever since that night I almost kissed you on the beach back in June. Say you’re right. Say I can have any woman I want. The woman I want is you. Because you’re perky and fun. Because you’re adorable and you make me laugh all the time. And because you’re far more beautiful than you give yourself credit for. I want you, Trina. You’ve got adaptability and smarts that can’t be measured by essays and bubbled answer sheets. I don’t want a distraction. I don’t want a random hook-up. I want you.”

Trina is a very optimistic person who lets bygones be bygones. Her philosophy in life is very simple:

“If you try, you’ve got a chance at succeeding. Failure isn’t guaranteed. If you don’t even try at all, you’ve already failed.”

And that’s a lesson Brad learns from her. On the surface Love on a Boardwalk is a fun and  fluffy romance, but there are a couple of things like the aforementioned quote that we can very well imbibe in our day-to-day life.

Seeing Cooper and Darcy together made me want to read their book too. And the best part Trina and Brad are a part of that too. One of the best things I liked about Brad other than him being a total sweetheart and accepting Trina as she is, was *shhh it’s a secret*, Brad is a dancer! The way he confesses that to Trina is so sweet, not to mention the naked tango. I would’ve loved to see them dance together. Trina being Trina manages to turn Brad’s insecurities into dust and accepts him as he is. In fact she loves that he is a dancer. She even wants to enter a dance competition with him. She is like a dream come true for Brad. The perfect woman.

Over all the book was engaging a a complete roller-coaster ride of laughter. It was so hard not to smile or laugh at all times reading this book. Trina’s sarcastic and witty humor and Brad’s funny nature stole the show. With the addition of Cooper and Darcy things only became more fun. A great read. Now I know where to go when I want to laugh my heart out. Christi Barth you are an absolute winner for me!

Book Review : Rock Courtship (Rock Kiss #1.5) by Nalini Singh


Rock Courtship

Rock Addiction (Rock Kiss #1) had given us a tantalising glimpse of David’s attraction to Thea. Even after the disappointment from the previous book, I had been looking forward to their story. Thankfully, this time I wasn’t disappointed.

David is the drummer in the famous rock band Schoolboy Choir. He had intrigued me in the previous novel, and he bowled me over in Rock Courtship. There is something to be said about a man who can seduce a woman through her mind, which is exactly what David does. Thea’s character is slightly different from the normal females to be found in romantic novels. She is a strong, intelligent and bold woman who has been hurt. Thea doesn’t involve herself with her clients and wishes to keep her distance from David but, he has other ideas.

David’s understanding, and the way he courts Thea is amazingly sweet. He gives her enough space even though it is hard for him. In fact, both the characters are mature. Thea has the intelligence to know when she is being a fool and when she needs to change her perspective towards her relationship.

The story is loads better than Rock Addiction. The plot has substance and no overflow of sex scenes (which was definitely the case in the previous novel). Characters are detailed and the romance develops without any excess drama. The tiny bit of drama used in the story can be justified as a requirement to bring the plot to its end.

I loved the memos. They were HOT and extremely sweet! Though the last memo was a cliché, still it wasn’t bad. I enjoyed this book. Overall, a good pick when in mood for a light reading.


Book Review: If Only by A.J. Pine

3 gems

if only

If Only by A.J. Pine is a contemporary romance with a hint of a love triangle, though it never fully manifests itself.

Jordan Brooks is on her way to Aberdeen to spend a year studying literature. She hasn’t had a boyfriend in two years, which also means that she hasn’t seen any action in these two years. A compulsive planner, Jordan does not do spontaneous, but now might be the perfect time to begin. An exotic year abroad is the perfect time to start looking for Mr. Right Now rather than Mr. Right.

Griffin Reeds is a sweet and gorgeous guy, quite possibly a man-whore who likes to live in the now than in the indeterminate future. When Jordan meets him on the train, she is ready to judge him for his player-ways, but soon realizes that he is a great guy and just what she might need.

Noah Keating is your sexy literature geek with an unconditional love for Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby and movies based on books. A blue-eyed, gorgeous guy who kissed Jordan like she had never been kissed before – a kiss she can’t forget. But wait, did I mention he has a girlfriend? Yep, a girlfriend. More like an ex-girlfriend-turned-current-girlfriend.

Up until the point where Jordan and Noah get together the first time, I enjoyed the story. And to be honest it reminded me of Stephanie Perkins’ Anna and the French Kiss. I would have been quite happy with the book had it ended then. But you can’t always get what you what! *Humph*

Noah irritated me to hell and back. Jordan was alright, but she acted quite immature. Now Griffin, him I loved. I wanted more of him in the book. He leaves by 1/4th of the book. The side characters Elaine and Duncan were also very entertaining and likable.

The first time Jordan and Noah become a couple, I love them together. They were good together. But alas! It only lasted for twenty-four hours. I seriously wanted to kick Noah in his nuts for the way he behaved with Jordan. I don’t think he ever really cared for her. He was always so caught up in himself to actually pay attention to Jordan’s feelings. At first he was with his ex-girlfriend-turned-girlfriend, Hailey, and then when they do break up and gets together with Jordan, he is still a dick. A journal entry in Jordan’s diary written by Griffin, weeks before he and Jordan ever became a couple is enough to get him running. That was just wrong in so many ways. First, reading Jordan’s diary was an invasion of her privacy. Secondly, he is quite fast to jump to conclusions. The guy just can’t give her a break. Not to mention he was very spiteful towards Jordan after that. Sure there were moments when Noah was really sweet, but for the life of me, I can’t move past his asshole ways and see them.

Jordan was also pining after a guy who never really cared about her. She was never once in the whole book a priority for Noah. She was more like a back-up plan. She should have booted him out the door when he walks out on her after reading her diary. She really needed a lesson in letting-go. Even when Noah and Jordan do get together in the end, it did not pacify me. I honestly would have preferred her to show Noah the door and forget him forever.

Griffin was one character I loved. He was a great friend to Jordan and they were dating casually too. But during that whole time, he never once indulged in his Casanova way of life. It’s too bad he left by 1/4th of the book. I would have loved to see more of him. But had he not left, he might just have had his heart shredded. It was quite obvious from the very beginning of the book that Jordan would end up with Noah. She never had that passionate chemistry with Griffin that she had with Noah. She was so hung up on that one kiss they shared on the train.

Elaine and Duncan were quite a welcome reprieve from the rest of the drama in the book. They were fun and entertaining and quite lovable. Duncan with his Welsh accent and kilt was quite adorable. Elaine with her straight-forward manner was a force to be reckoned with. Then there was Sam, Jordan’s best friend from back home. From what Jordan keeps saying about her she seems great. I wish we could have met her though.

I enjoyed this book till the time Noah and Jordan finally figure their shit out and get together, but then it was just disappointing. I really wanted to physically harm Noah. Jordan was quite immature too. Overall it fell flat. The only reason this book gets 3 gems is because I liked at least a part of it. But otherwise, with the way Noah drove me to violence, I would have trashed it.