Stealing the Groom (Stealing the Heart #1) by Sonya Weiss

3.5 gems

stealing the groom

Stealing the Groom was a very fun and entertaining read, not to mention a feel good novel. It was well written, it was humorous. The only problem I had, was with a bit in the end.

Amelia Snyder and Chad Walker have been best friends since they were kids. Their grandparents were best friends long before they were born, so they were practically born into this friendship. And Amelia takes her friendship very seriously. There is no way she will let her best friend marry a gold-digging “barracuda.” So she devises a plan. To groomnap her friend.

Chad Walker does not believe in love. Not since his mother left his father and his father squandered all their money trying to win back his ex-wife and subsequently drank himself to death. Chad believes that love can only bring pain and heartbreak, so there is no way he is marrying for love. But for his business, he’ll do pretty much anything. Even marry a woman he doesn’t love. His marriage to Claire is nothing but a business deal mutually beneficial to the both of them. But with is best friend groomnapping him, without any further plans, let me just add, his wedding looks like a no go.

As Amelia and Chad spend a couple of nights together, they start feeling things they have never felt for each other. And when with a twist of fate, Amelia ends up being Chad’s bride, they touch the fine line of friends and lovers. Chad is determined to not cross that line, because there is no way he is willing to lose Amelia. And Amelia is on a mission to loosen Chad up, teach him a little spontaneity and maybe even make him acknowledge that they could be more than friends and still be good together.

I really enjoyed the chemistry between Amelia and Chad. They obviously had feelings for each other that neither of them recognized but the rest of the world did. So, it was really nice to watch them both figure it out too. I do wish there was a little hot action between the two, because I loved them together.

Stealing the Groom was a fun and flirty read. This book shows you that opposite do attract and they are on fire together. Amelia was always the flinty, spontaneous, spur-of-the-moment woman, whereas our dear old Chad was a strict, by-the-book control freak with a planner and a to-do list in hand. He did need to loosen up and Amelia was the perfect person to teach him that.

But I do have a bit of an issue with the ending. The author just finished of it off with no bang. I wanted the making up part to go on just a bit more. The author has also paved the way for two more books featuring Amelia’s sisters and Chad’s best friends. I look forward to those books.

If you want a good, humorous, fun, feel good book, do not hesitate to pick up Stealing the Groom . It is worth your time.

Stealing the Heart series

  1. Stealing the Groom
  2. Resisting Her Rival
  3. Stealing the Bachelor

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