Book Review: Wild Hyacinthe by Nola Sarina & Emily Faith

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wild hyacinth

Asher Chain is a ridiculously handsome businessman who has no shortage of women. But he is also an incubus, which means he tempts and seduces any woman who comes his way whether he wants it or not. The death of the women he kills is inevitable. Asher lives with the guilt of the women he killed, in order to survive himself. When he meets the tattooed, girl with blue-streaked hair, he wants nothing more than to befriend her and no matter however much he wishes to make her his, he keeps his distance and keeps her alive.

Aria Hyacinthe left her home and the demons that plagued her home back in the past. But her terrors don’t stay contained in the past. Living in a car and working as a waitress has attracted the attention the gorgeous Asher, a man she dared not dream about. Aria never thought, she’ll ever have anything to do with a man like Asher, but since the moment she meets him, she can’t stop thinking about him.

After an accident, Asher offers Aria a safe haven. At his loft. Asher is adamant to keep his distance, lest he be the death of her. Whereas Aria finds it rather difficult to curb her desire and attraction towards Asher. And living in close proximity to him, only amplifies that attraction.

Asher’s sister, Gypsy was a rather cold and distant woman, but when it came to her brother, she was protective, caring and loving. In quite a few places you find that she is unable to understand Asher, but no matter what, she is always there for him and loves him more than anything in the world.

Overall, Wild Hyacinthe is a good book, but fairly predictable. You figure pretty early on what is going to happen. Well, at least I did. There is also this constant talk of sex, which after a point of time just irritated me. Aria kept trying to convince Asher to have sex with her, and , Asher constantly tried to say no. This goes on and on for a few chapters. Finally when Asher and Aria find out the truth about themselves and each other, they manage to hold on and get to their HEA.

Nola Sarina and Emily Faith have come up with an intriguing story, one that hooks you from the very beginning. It’s humorous and fun to read. But despite it all, the book is fairly predictable and sometimes even gets on your nerves with all the hullabaloo about sex. An overall decent read, but I feel, it could have been better.


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