Book Review : Rock Courtship (Rock Kiss #1.5) by Nalini Singh


Rock Courtship

Rock Addiction (Rock Kiss #1) had given us a tantalising glimpse of David’s attraction to Thea. Even after the disappointment from the previous book, I had been looking forward to their story. Thankfully, this time I wasn’t disappointed.

David is the drummer in the famous rock band Schoolboy Choir. He had intrigued me in the previous novel, and he bowled me over in Rock Courtship. There is something to be said about a man who can seduce a woman through her mind, which is exactly what David does. Thea’s character is slightly different from the normal females to be found in romantic novels. She is a strong, intelligent and bold woman who has been hurt. Thea doesn’t involve herself with her clients and wishes to keep her distance from David but, he has other ideas.

David’s understanding, and the way he courts Thea is amazingly sweet. He gives her enough space even though it is hard for him. In fact, both the characters are mature. Thea has the intelligence to know when she is being a fool and when she needs to change her perspective towards her relationship.

The story is loads better than Rock Addiction. The plot has substance and no overflow of sex scenes (which was definitely the case in the previous novel). Characters are detailed and the romance develops without any excess drama. The tiny bit of drama used in the story can be justified as a requirement to bring the plot to its end.

I loved the memos. They were HOT and extremely sweet! Though the last memo was a cliché, still it wasn’t bad. I enjoyed this book. Overall, a good pick when in mood for a light reading.



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