Book Review: Hex Hall (Hex Hall #1) by Rachel Hawkins

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hex hall

Hex Hall was a fun and entertaining read for me. I did have some problems with the book, but overall I enjoyed it.

Sophie Mercer is a witch. She came into her powers on her twelfth birthday, but her powers have always been wonky. In her attempt to help a classmate get a date on prom, her powers create a ruckus. That is why she is sent to Hecate, a.k.a Hex Hall, a school for the wayward supernatural or the Prodigium. A mixed school for witches, shifters, faeries and an occasional vampire or two.

One would think in a school for the wayward supernatural would be kinda cool, but some things are the same everywhere. Namely, the bitch trio; Elodie, Anna and Chaston. On her very first day, Sophie gets on their wrong side, starts crushing on an arrogant and unavailable warlock, and to top it all of, she has a stalking ghost. Not to mention her roommate, Jenna, who is the most hated and the only vampire student in the school.

When one by one the members of the bitch trio are found hurt, Jenna becomes the main suspect. It is up to Sophie now, to prove her friend innocent. But with Jenna’s supposed past crimes, it won’t be an easy task.

Overall the book was quite enjoyable. Sophie is well versed in snark and sarcasm, and she has Archer Cross to give her as good as she gets. I did not like Archer much in this book. He was way too arrogant and too full of himself for my taste. We do find out some interesting and unexpected things about him, which turns the table on Sophie and whatever is happening at Hecate.

I really like Jenna. She is fun, not to mention a good friend to Sophie. Even though people hate her, she stands her own and can very well fight her own battles.

The author does create a good mystery in the book, which turns out to be quite unexpected. But there are sometimes where we can very well guess what is going to happen.

Sophie’s crush on Archer and the whole falling for him angle was quite naive in my opinion. Had the development of feelings been gradual and because Archer was in fact a good person, I could have gone along with it. But they made better friends than anything more.

But despite it’s shortcomings, the book was quite enjoyable.

This review first appeared on The La La Land of Books.

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