Book Review: The Rogue Returns (Nottinghamshire Series #3) by Leigh LaVelle

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the rogue returns

Since the death of her eldest brother, Helen Gladstone has been left to take care of her remaining brother, who is well on his way to drink to death like their older brother, and creditors at her door. The men are waiting for her to accept her vulnerability and accept their marriage proposals to save her dukedom. There is only one thing that can save her – the fabled treasure which her now dead brother has hidden.

Roane Grantham is back after years of exile. Now all he wants is a new start where people don’t know him and won’t judge him. All he has to do is find the treasure his friend hid years ago. There’s only one problem – Helen Gladstone, his friend’s little sister, who is claiming the treasure as hers. Together they set off on a journey to find the treasure.

This book was one big adventure, full of excitement. It hooked me from the very beginning and I couldn’t put it down till the end. It was fast-paced and though a little predictable, enjoyable nonetheless.

The characters were so full of life and quite realistic. I especially liked the fierceness and growth of Helen. No matter what stupid tests Roane threw her way, she persevered. The strong and passionate woman that she was at her very core came to the forefront.

Helen learned to own her desires, claim her pleasures and be more than just a lady who only cared about if her hair was in place and her clothes were prim and proper. Helen is spunky and tenacious and just lovable. She can hold her own against the world.

Roane also grows through the book. He learns to control his anger, though that is mainly because he doesn’t want to go back to jail. But nonetheless, he tries his best to start anew and open up about his past to Helen. He is caring and quite a lovable rogue. But then again, aren’t they all? Don’t we all love a bad boy who is good for us?

The setting is rich in details, which have been skilfully woven throughout the story, providing a sense of time, place and historical context. The author has managed to make the readers a part of the story and completely involved in it. Though there are a few typos in the book, the novel is largely comprehensible and really engaging.

A definite recommend and a book I’d love to re-read.


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