Book Review: Broken Elements (Elements #1) by Mia Marshall



***I received this book in exchange for an honest review (LoP or Lovers of Paranormal, Goodreads)***

Aidan Brook is an Elemental, an ancient race of magical beings with the power to control the elements – Fire, Earth, Water and Ice. Aidan is a water elemental, who has been in hiding from her friends and family for a decade. Ten years ago an elemental serial killer had been on the loose and Aidan and her best friend Sera Blais, a fire elemental, had tried to stop him. However, it did not end well and the pain and horror of the encounter drove Aidan to seek isolation.

But, her peaceful life is interrupted when Sera appears on her doorstep with bad news: the killer is back and this time the victim was their closest friend. Forced to return to the scene of the crime, and her fears, Aidan must deal with new friends (elementals and shapeshifters), the FBI and her own past and powers, all while trying to catch a dangerous being.

What went wrong all those years ago and how is it going to affect her future?

Broken Elements is a good first novel with a well written story. The origin story of the elementals is nice, but not so much with the shapeshifters. Aidan’s reactions when she finds out about the shapeshifters and their shared history was fun.

I’m not fond of first person narratives, though I only seem to be reading them these days. Aidan’s POV managed to be good, though I could not fully connect with her and feel for her. She seemed a bit cold and distant. I find it difficult to fully emerge in a story with first person – cannot stay undetached. That aside, I liked the other characters, especially Sera and Simon. Initially I thought that there was suspiciously less focus on Simon and his interactions with the rest of the group, but nevertheless, all his scenes are fun. The characters are distinct, well sketched.

There are a few issues with the plot e.g. why are Aidan and Sera taking it upon themselves to stop the killings? Why not the elders, especially since Sera’s father involves himself anyway.

The interaction and banter between the friends is engaging with hilarious bits in between, especially Sera’s humour. There is also a minor romantic plot angle, but it doesn’t intrude on the story, and develops slowly, which is always nice. In between the action, there are many lulls when the characters do nothing but sit around and have drinks. The plot twists well, and the surprise reveal in the end was great. The ending leaves one curious to find out more, especially about the Elementals.

Overall Broken Elements was an intriguing read and I will pick up the sequels to see how the story proceeds.


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