Book Review: I’ll Be Watching You by Tina Wainscott

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I’ll Be Watching You is my first book by Tina Wainscott. It did not impress me as much as I though it would. Romantic suspense is one of my favourite genres because it involves both a suspense/mystery and romance. It is a good mix of the two, which I found lacking in this book. The suspense part was very good and unpredictable, but the romance was pretty meh!

Ten years ago Kim testified against her stepfather in a murder case. Winnerow was a rich and influential man and a son of the Everglades. Nobody believed Kim, and after Winnerow was acquitted Kim became a pariah in town. She left soon after as she knew very well she would not be welcome.

Now, ten years later, the sudden death of Kim’s grandmother, Elva brings her back. She is the sole owner of her grandmother’s bar and house and all her assets. Even now the townspeople are cold towards her and will go to any extent to make her leave town. Some discrepancies in the bar’s accounts, Kim’s sudden inclusion in her grandmother’s will, Elva’s missing rifle and her confidant and lover Smitty’s discomfort about her death leads Kim to believe something is wrong. And it maybe related to the murder that happened ten years ago. Trying to find her grandmother’s killer might just get her killed.

When things get rough the last person Kim expects to help her is Zell Macgregor. The son of the man Kim testified against and the very man who lied outright in court to save his father. She has enough trouble on her own and she does not need a complication like the sexy and gorgeous Zell. And she definitely does not need to fall in love with him.

The suspense aspect of this book was very well done. It was very unpredictable. There were attacks on Kim’s bar and her house and there were attacks on Kim herself. It became a little difficult to figure out if everything was done by the same person or two different people. The suspense aspect was the best part of the book.

As for the romance element, it was pretty mediocre. Kim and Zell’s relationship was not very well done. They started off as enemies. Their transition to friends and later lovers was not clear. I also did not like Zell very much. Throughout Kim and Zell’s relationship there were a lot of lies and secrets, and pretty much all of them on Zell’s part.

Ten years ago Zell pretty much branded Kim a liar in order to protect his father and even now he keeps lying to her. That is no basis for a successful relationship. Zell came across as a bit self-involved who thought everything he does is right. Sure he does have a caring and helpful side, but what I remembered was how hurtful he was to Kim and all the lies he told her. He is the kind of man who would do anything to protect his family. And that’s not a bad thing, but he needed to learn the difference between right and wrong and stand for the right.

I liked Kim’s grit and determination. Not matter what the townspeople threw at her, no matter how unwelcome they made her feel, she stood her ground. She came back stronger each time. That said there was nothing else worth remembering about Kim. The characters in this book were pretty forgettable.

The one character I did enjoy was Tullie, Zell’s niece. She was a sweetheart but also too mature for her age. She kept having feelings about things, like before the death of Elva. Even though her mother brands Kim as a traitor and proclaims her to be a bad person, Tullie decides for herself if Kim is good or bad. She was the only character that I loved in this book.

If you are looking for a good suspense, this book is an amazing read. But overall with the romance aspect of the book, it’s nothing great.


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