Book Review: Murder At Pond Park by Misty Reddington


Murder at pond park

*** I received a copy of the this eBook by the author (Goodreads, ARR: Mystery/ Cozy Mystery) for an honest review.***

The story of a park ranger and her poodle finding dead bodies while out on runs is interesting. Molly Tinker and her Sheriff husband try to solve the murders by interacting and questioning most of the people in town. The beginning of the novel is fun. It took a little getting used to, but soon you realise that this is a quirky book. The interactions of the various townspeople, especially of Molly with Eric and others, is amusing.

However, there are many grammatical and typing errors. Repetitive sentences and conversations eventually started getting on the nerves, and halfway through the book I really started getting bored and impatient. It seemed everyone was suffering from short term memories.

A lot of the clues and connections were frustratingly obvious from the first 20 pages, which took the characters the entire book, and not much extra evidence, to realise. Plenty of holes in the plot and investigation. Also, the characters have no flesh – there’s no emotions, no feelings described, just a lot of monotonous talking and eating (I really got tired of reading about peanut butter, sandwiches, pizzas and granola bars!).

There seemed to be a lot of empty time on hand, with nothing substantial happening. The murders are interesting enough. It’s a fairly well written mystery with good humour and scenarios. But there were too many negatives to overcome the novelty of the writing style. If not for the incessantly repetitive and often senseless conversations, I would have enjoyed the book more.


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