Movie Review: Premium Rush



A 2012 action-thriller film directed by David Koepp (Jurassic park, Mission: Impossible, Spider-Man, Zathura, War of the Worlds, Angels and Demons), co-written with John Kamps. The story follows a thrill- seeking New York bike messenger, who picks up an envelope to deliver, but is pursued by a bad cop who wants it for himself.

From the very first scene we plunge into the heart of the action as Wilee, a law school graduate who doesn’t want a regular, humdrum job, flies through the air after crashing into a car. The rest of the movie is a continuous mind boggling ride of exhilarating and high speed bike chases across the city as Wilee weaves through traffic, jumps fences, roofs, stairs, zips through alleys and dodges people.

The plot is simple, straight forward with minimalistic characters. It almost runs in real time, as the storyline takes place in two hours of character time, from 5-7 p.m., with numerous flashbacks and flash-forwards to weave the action and characters together. The live action movie has minimal use of CGI, put to clever use to show Wilee’s split second decisions when weaving through traffic.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is charismatic, likeable and wonderful (as always) as Wilee, while Michael Shannon is the menacing, volatile Bobby Monday whom you love to hate. Even as Bobby makes play on Wilee’s name (Wile E. Coyote), you realize he’s the Coyote giving futile chase to the Road Runner. Apart from the stunning action, these two are the best things about the movie, especially Shannon. His seemingly normal behaviour with sudden bursts of violence and manic giggles make for a great, creepy villain and is more than enough to keep the movie going.

It may not be complex, but its light and fun with energetic, fast-paced direction and editing. A humorous blend of adrenalin and suspense. A better film than most hyped up, convoluted action thrillers, this one’s definitely worth a watch.



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