Book Review: Dead Ever After (Sookie Stackhouse #13) by Charlaine Harris


Dead Ever After

I was looking forward to read this book since the time I read the last one. Honestly – this book is full of hits and misses.

Misses:- After all this time writing, maybe the author was tired and wanted to end this series. I am not complaining, any further and the readers may have cried off. But this end seems a bit hurried.


What I found a little abrupt was the way Sam’s relationship with Sookie is seen developing, because it’s hardly seen at all. Previously, the attraction towards Alcide, Eric, Bill or Quinn was expounded upon by the author. In comparison, when it comes to Sam and Sookie – it would seem their relationship romantic or not – is written about in all of the series. No, I didn’t forget the attraction between them which was visible since the first book. I am just saying that it could have been a little more in focus. Specifically, If Sookie is meant to spend her life with Sam. ( Here I would like to add that I wouldn’t have minded if Harris would have made Sookie go with Eric. Or even become a vampire.)


Another new was the mode of narration. The whole series is written from Sookie’s point of view but this book also showed the negative forces at work from different points of view. I appreciated the insight but it gave this book a slightly different edge. I loved the smooth exciting pace of the book but somehow found the plot lacking in comparison to the books I have read earlier in the series.

The Hits:

I read it in one go.. this stands true for all the novels and the novellas in this series. You just cannot take a break from reading  once you have picked one up.


And I loved the fact that Sookie finally gave Sam a chance. He was worth it.  Also, despite giving the vibe of being predictable, this book is not predictable at all (excluding the Sam- Sookie angle).


The author knew pretty well how to wrap up the series- with a neat bow on top. So  Sookie is finally left at peace on her own. To sum up, this novel serves well as the conclusion to the series, however the ending might not be to everyone’s satisfaction.


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