Book Review: Stripped by Jasinda Wilder

2 gems


Stripped was an okay read. The book felt disjointed in some places and rushed in others. I did not particularly like Grey. She was way too sheltered, naive and annoying at times. She would cry and throw up at the drop of a hat. I get the fact that she is emotional and highly sensitive, but damn, that woman could really cry a river.

Also, I feel the author was not sure if the protagonist should be a dancer or a producer. By Grey’s own admission. dancing was a hobby, one that made her feel good, and films were her passion. We did not see much of her passion, other than in her studies and internship. And most of the internship described in the book was all about Grey and Dawson’s relationship, rather than actual work.

Dawson and Grey’s relationship was too rushed. Two people who have their own set of issues go about claiming their love for each other within a few days of knowing each other. That was too unreal for me. Then there was a scene where Grey goes back to meet her father and introduces Dawson as her boyfriend, and the next scene we see is that of the Academy Awards. That was too disjointed.

I’m not sure if I want to read anything else by Ms. Wilder after this book, and I haven’t till date. I personally would not recommend this book to anyone even though I’ve seen some good reviews about this book. Read at your own risk. This book was nothing more than an okay read.


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