Book Review: Bitten (Women of Otherworld #1) by Kelley Armstrong

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I’ve had Bitten on my TBR shelf ever since I joined Goodreads almost 2 years ago. I finally decided to pick up this book, and Oh My God!! I loved it. I just loved it. Bitten was a great book, definitely one of the best I’ve read this year. But in a way I’m glad I just picked it up now ’cause the series is finished. No long wait for the next book in the series.

Elena Michaels is living an ordinary life working as a journalist and living in with her boyfriend Philip. Life is good, right? Not really. When you have to leave in the middle of the night leaving your boyfriend to turn into a wolf, things are bound to get complicated. Elena is the sole female werewolf. She left her pack a year ago and moved to Toronto to live a human life. But when your past comes calling, you can’t help but answer.

Somebody has been killing people. The people suspect it is a wild dog, but Elena and her Pack know the truth. There is a ‘mutt’ (werewolves who aren’t part of the pack) going around wrecking havoc. Add to the humans, the mutt is killing off Pack members too. Now it’s upto Elena and her Pack to stop him once and for all or risk being discovered.

Bitten is action packed and keeps you interested. The chemistry between Elena and Clayton is smoking hot and quite obvious. When I started this book, I did not expect there to be history between them. But that history is the reason they are no longer together. A selfish act by Clayton left the two of them apart. We got Elena’s view of what happened, but I would’ve liked Clayton’s view too. Let’s just hope the subsequent books tell us that. Their romance was good. And really hot. Neither of them can stay away from each other.

Most of the book is based in New York with Clayton, Jeremy their Pack Alpha and a few more members of their Pack. Nick and Antonio were lovable characters, I really liked Peter too, who made an effort to make Elena feel part of the family. We find out that Elena’s one good friend in the Pack was Logan, with whom she kept in touch even after she left the Pack. I wanted to know more about him and I was really disappointed by his death. I was hoping for a book on Nick too. He needs someone to rein him in, but there isn’t one, which makes me a teeny bit sad.

Clayton was more wolf than man, quite primal in his nature. But it worked for me. He was quite honest and did not fear speaking his mind. He was completely loyal and in a manner a bit innocent too. I just loved him. Even though he was an out and out Alpha male, he did not mind giving up the control to Elena, when she needed it. I really wanted to know his version of his and Elena’s past though. Overall a great and exciting read. I will continue the series. I’m really looking forward to more of Elena and Clayton.


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