Book Review: When Shadows Call (Shaede Assassin #0.5) by Amanda Bonilla


When Shadows Call

Life in the 1900s is not easy. Especially for Darian who is a victim of spousal abuse. When she abandons all hope, she is saved by Azriel – a mysterious and handsome man. He avenges her suffering by killing her husband (I mentally rejoiced at that) and whisks her away for a new beginning.

This novella describes Darian’s journey from a victim to an Assassin-in-Training.

There are several questions raised in this novella. To name a few,
What is Azriel hiding?
Why did he come looking for Darian in the first place?
Why is he so reluctant in providing any answers to Darian’s questions?

Though Darian doesn’t spell it out , it is a given that she is blindly in love with Azriel. He seems to care for her as well. Then,why have secrets from her?

All in all, this book awakens enough curiosity that you might just opt to read the next book in the series.

As a prequel to the series, this novella does a good job. At least good enough to keep me interested if not impressed.

What I did not like, was the fact that Darian seemed ‘clingy’ to me. She was so dependent on Azriel, that she never persisted to take a stand for herself. I understood her situation, and I know she needed some time to build a backbone. It seems later she did; she tried to save innocents. From a victim she became a predator, but still – she somehow lacked the gameness.

Here’s hoping that in the next book, Darian actually turns out to be the kick-ass heroine I was looking for when I came across the series.



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