Book Review: Lord of The Abyss (Royal House of Shadows #4) by Nalini Singh


lord of the abyss

***Spoiler Alert***

I had been rearranging my bookshelf (a tedious process, I assure you!), when I came across Lord of the Abyss again. That’s right, this review is not from my first reading of the novel. And hardly any of my opinions changed through my second reading.

This book is the fourth and final instalment in the series Royal House of Shadows but can be read as a standalone novel.


Years ago, an evil blood sorcerer attacked and claimed the kingdom of Elden for his own. The King and Queen were killed, but due to their last efforts the heirs survived to return years later. It is destined that when the four heirs return, together they will defeat the evil blood sorcerer and reclaim and rebuild the kingdom to its former glory. However, the blood sorcerer took measures to prevent this from happening.

This story is about Micah, the youngest heir who was just a babe when he lost everything and now is the Lord of the Abyss. Abyss is where those who embrace evil end up eventually. Micah holds immense power in this realm but has no memories of his childhood due to the blood sorcerer’s spell. This spell also curses him to occasionally become a raging monster that tears apart everything around him.

Enter Liliana, the daughter of the blood sorcerer. She has suffered through her father’s cruel ministrations since childhood, walks with a limp and has hardly seen any kindness in her life. However, she knows right from wrong and is spirited enough to sustain her personality against her father. After glimpsing the future and seeing her father’s triumph, since Micah did not return, she takes the task of bringing Micah back home before it is too late. It is not an easy task; he is the Lord of the Abyss after all. But Liliana is determined.

I love the banter between Micah and Liliana. It is unique, utterly captivating and heart-warming. Unlike the normal stereotype of heroines, Liliana is not pretty. But Micah does not think so. And he, who intimidates everybody can never intimidate her. She has always seen the honour and goodness in him.

It is a beautiful story for those who love romance. A perfect mix of darkness and hope, loss and love.

The simple but powerful coming together of the four heirs is shown however it hasn’t been stressed upon. The only thing missing might be the ending which was extremely short when it came to the actual battle scene. The other novels in the series do build up the suspense regarding the last battle and having read Nalini Singh’s other books I know she writes battle scenes amazingly well. The lack therefore, was quite noticeable.

The fantastical world has been intricately woven with lovely and minute details that suck you in and make you sigh with contentment.
It’s a book I will definitely pick up after a few years to re-read again.



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